Kitchen Item & Kits

Kitchen Item & Kits

Love sewing kitchen items for my home. Make your kitchen look like a work of art and they can be changed out for the seasons, occasions and just because.

Tea towels, Napkin Bread Warmer, Placemats, Dinner Napkins, Pot holders, Drawstring Produce Bag, Reusable Snack Bags, Bowl Cozies, Apron, appliance covers, coasters, reusable lunch bags, curtains, and this list keeps going. Sewing for the kitchen is so much fun. 

Your kitchen sewing work of art dresses up a kitchen and adds the decor to the heart of the home. Pour a little extra decorating love into your kitchen. Give your kitchen a make over by sewing a few of the project above. You don’t have to change a lot to change a look of a kitchen add new fabric pieces into the room and change the look. Have fun enjoy and decorate.  

Homemade kitchen items are great gifts too. 

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