Quilt of the Month Club

Quilt of the Month Club
Quilt of the Month Club

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What's in side the Box?

Every other month you will receive a box with everything you need to make the quilt top and binding.  The retail value of the items will always be more than your monthly cost! You might also receive exclusive or first-look items.

These quilts range in size of 50 X 70 to 66 X 86 on average. The smaller quilts will come with backing. Quilts sometimes come with notions and or other surprises.

I bought a large amount of slightly used quilt books at an auction. Every other month you will receive one of the pattern books with enough fabric for the top of quilt and binding for one of the patterns in the book. Some of these books look new and they vary in dates, but all are pretty cool. The photo is just a few of the books. I can't wait to share them with you!

The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise!

Please note that this is every other month.

You can choose applique, paper piecing, regular sewing quilts or a mix of them for your quilt club. 

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