Bench Pillow

Bench Pillow

Bench pillows can serve as a focus accent piece and can also be a great conversation piece. High end decor doesn’t have to be pricey. 

Bench pillow works great in the entry way where you sit and take on and off your shoes. The bench not only looks good, but is is functional as well. Put the Bench pillow you made on the back of the bench and it makes great decor. 

Bench pillow works great on the couch as an accent pillow giving your couch style and decor. Changing out the bench pillows for the seasons and occasions can be art. Incredibly stylish and versatile.

Decorating with bench pillows / throw pillows may seem like a small part of the design process, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They’re the best way to elevate a house to a home. When it comes to living room seating, hallway benches, and pretty much anything in the bedroom, adding a throw pillow will pack a ton of punch and bring out the subtle design features in a space. 

They are also fun to make and can be a great gift too!

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