Table Runner Kit

Table Runner Kit

Table runner are a great gift and can complete a table. Table runners are also a great way to learn to quilt on a small scale before you take on a large quilt. Table runners are great for learning single needle quilting, embroidery machine quilting, appliqué quilting or just having fun creating a nice table setting. 

With a table runner kit you can create beautiful table runners without the hassle of picking out all the fabrics to go with it. 

Love the beautiful table runners. The kids love it when they come over for dinner and I bring out the homemade table runners and placemats I have made. 

Table runners were born in the Middle Ages, mainly because medieval folks were sloppy. The table runner would protect the table cloth and at the end of the meal they would gather up the end of the meal for washing and the table cloths remained intact and clean. In the Middle Ages doing laundry was way more difficult and washing a strip of fabric versus a table cloth was a lot less work. Napkins were also invented because it was no longer considered acceptable to wipe your mouth on the tablecloth. 

The table runners are now fixtures in everyone’s collection of linens by the 15th century. They now serve as more of a decorative part of the table, but still serve a purpose. They are used on the bare table or on tablecloths to protect or add a bit of style, especially for that special occasion or holiday. They also give a visual balance for full place setting. They can be a backdrop for a piece of art, unified decorative elements and helped to make a design or holiday statement. 

There are several ways to use table runners today as decoration and or to still help with spills and drips. 

So have fun with your table runners for yourself and for awesome gifts!

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