Block of the month

Block of the month

Subscribe to a Quilt Block of the Month program and build your next quilt, block by block! You can sign up any time. Block of the Month programs offer an easy yet exciting way to finish a quilt without being overwhelmed with the project all at once. Each month, you’ll receive a Block of the Month fabric and pattern that you can work on until you wait for next month’s kit. Each kit comes with instructions and fabrics needed to complete each block. With smaller and easier-to-manage fabrics, you don’t have to fuss with large amounts of yardage all at once. Enjoy quilting with the ease of a monthly accomplishment. Sign up for our quilt Block of the Month and get sewing. 

What is Block Of The Month (BOM)

This is a subscription-based quilting project that comes to you in the mail. Each month you’ll sew a portion of your quilt blocks until you’re all finished! It’s exciting to see your quilt block of the month as they arrive, plus it's also an economical way to quilt as you pay for your project a little bit at a time.

So, how does a BOM quilt kit work? Each month, we’ll send you the fabrics, instructions, and patterns for one quilt block. With each of these quilt block kits, you’ll put together quilt blocks over a few months. At the end, we’ll send you the borders and binding fabric along with instructions to turn your quilt blocks into a finished quilt!

Quilt along at your own pace, or race to get each one stitched up as soon as it arrives in the mail—it’s all up to you! Our quilting Block of the Month programs make quilting easier than ever because you sew one block at a time allowing you to pace yourself and keep it simple. Program is non-cancellable & non-refundable.

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