MINI 3/16" Wintery Mix Rope Spoolette

MINI 3/16" Wintery Mix Rope Spoolette

Aunties Sewing Kits

SKU: Wintry Mix rope

This listing is for one 200-foot spoolette of 3/16” colorful solid braid rope. Wintry Mix in color and comes on a spool.

This rope is a solid braid construction in a cotton/poly blend (approximately 80% cotton). It is custom made in North Carolina, USA for The Mountain Thread Company.

They recommend the use of a heavy-duty needle and a high-quality thread for your rope sewing projects.

For coiled rope basketry, please note: this rope is the same diameter as the rope found in The Mountain Thread Company’s DIY kits and can be used interchangeably with kit supplies.

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