Snow Date Pillows Machine Embroidery CD

Snow Date Pillows Machine Embroidery CD SALE
Snow Date Pillows Machine Embroidery CD SALE

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$28.05 $33.00

Whip up fun and easy pillows - 100% in the hoop of your embroidery machine! Our unique method gives you a finished pillow that’s larger than your largest embroidery hoop. Your pillow is stitched in two easy hooping's, then the parts easily snap together to complete. Pillow form instructions are also included so you can quickly change out the pillows each month with Pickle Pie’s whimsical line of seasonal pillow designs.

Both boy and girl versions are included to give you a fun, coordinating pillow set. The boy version includes the saying “Let it Snow”, and the girl version includes the saying “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. Five design sizes are included.

Design Info:

Extra Large, Hoop Size: 10.5 x 16, Design Size: 9.6in x 15.5in

Large, Hoop Size: 8.5 x 14, Design Size: 8.3in x 13.6in

Medium, Hoop Size: 7x12, Design Size: 6.9in x 11.3in

Small, Hoop Size: 6x10, Design Size: 5.9in x 9.7in Extra Small, Hoop Size: 5x7, Design Size: 4.2in x 6.9in


Final Product: Pillow

Technique: Machine Embroidery

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